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  August 12, 2014
Chronic Pain Relief
Chronic Pain Relief by hypnosis is an inexpensive way to stop chronic pain
Stress Relief
Hypnotic Relief from that constant stress that todays world puts on us.
Teacher's Pet
This hypnosis session will cause your teacher to control your learning abilities
The Wild Side
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Due to recent research into the effects of sound patterns on the human brain it is now possible to induce hypnosis with sound patterns alone. In fact, as deep hypnosis trance can be caused by audio session as can be caused by a hypnotist in person. On this web site you can purchase audio hypnotism sessions in an mp3 format. These hypnotic sessions contain everything, induction, deepen-er, suggestion and wake-up. These hypnosis sessions are too big to download on a mobile phone.The sessions offered are broken into two main categories. Self-Help Hypnosis and Wild Side hypnosis. These hypnosis sessions are designed to enable people to improve their lives by causing changes in their thoughts, behavior, and appearance. These hypnosis sessions are for adults only and they are now available in either a man's voice or a woman's. State your prference on the order. First a person must prepare their mind to accept going into hypnotic trance. Copy, paste and download the newest free, “Introduction to Hypnosis” from here: https://www.yousendit.com/download/UW14anZpeFVRYTlBSXNUQw or here: https://www.yousendit.com/download/UVJoOU1WSWhrUm5FdzhUQw Listen to these sessions with a good pair of stereo earphones. Speakers won't work. Schedule the same time each day when you can relax and listen to your hypnotism session. I takes a few listens before you will notice the changes.
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Chronic Pain Relief
August 12, 2014
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