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  August 12, 2014
Chronic Pain Relief
Chronic Pain Relief by hypnosis is an inexpensive way to stop chronic pain
Stress Relief
Hypnotic Relief from that constant stress that todays world puts on us.
Teacher's Pet
This hypnosis session will cause your teacher to control your learning abilities
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April 21, 2007

Price: $18.00

Author: Bill
Before you listen to this hypnosis session, write down the name on a piece of paper of the woman you want to have a vividly real but imaginary, intimate date with. Then listen to this session. When you wake up from the session you will not remember anything about it. You will have vivid dreams about the woman all the next night. The next day you will swear you actually had the "intimate" date with her. Your memories will be incredibly detailed. This hypnosis session is for men.
Main Category: Wild Side
Sub-Category: Erotic

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First a person must prepare their mind to accept going into trance.

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Create a new folder in your documents section titled "Spin Dizzy Sessions". Save your downloads to that folder. Listen to these sessions with a good pair of stereo earphones. Listen during a quiet time with no distractions. Turn off your telephone or mobile phone. These sessions work best if you listen to each one at least three times with an overnight sleep after each listen. Some sessions have a trigger and will not work until triggered by some one else. You will find them relaxing and it is pleasant to listen to them before bed time. Enjoy!
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